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To Infinity and Go Beyond Love

To Infinity and Go Beyond Love

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when you leave your three year old brother in your room with your mac. 


this is the cutest thing ever OMG

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this speaks to me on a spiritual level.


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to those people that follow me and then immediately reblog everything i post


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#tw: dynamite gal

Oh wait now I get what triggers are

Yeah, see, THIS is a trigger. Something that prompts a horrible flashback that makes someone go into a literal panic attack. It is NOT something that makes you slightly uncomfortable, so can we all just stop tossing that word around like it’s nothing.

thank you Wreck It Ralph

Reblogging for valuable commentary

Also, can we talk about how Felix dealt with it? He NEVER used that word again (only once in front of Ralph, never by her), there was never any talk about how she could get over it, and in their wedding they all made plans to help her with her paranoia by recognising her fears and showing she was safe by pointing guns at the window and having extra security.

A++++++ on dealing with mental issues magnificently, Wreck-It Ralph!

Will never not reblog this when I see it

also this was the greatest 5 second character development in cinematic history

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Government is good.

Big Brother is watching you.

The State wants to take care of you.

north Korea scares me to death. the fact that a place like that still exists in modern day. those people are prisoners.

1984 is here and now

this is too 1984 to be real

why the fuck have i barely heard anything about this shit? Why aren’t more people outraged about this? and talking about this? this is fucking horrible! Something has to be done it’s fucking 2014 why the fuck is this even happening

i have family in North Korea that no one has seen since the war.

Why isn’t anyone telling us about this?
I’m a sophomore in high school. Who gives a shit about The Second Great Awakening? What about this? What about the Korean Reich that’s strangling it’s own people? Why hasn’t anyone at least pretended to care? Fuck Beyoncé, fuck whatever is coming soon to theaters. Why isn’t the suffering of human beings the first headline in the NY Times? Why hasn’t my history teacher taken a moment out of the 53 minutes in our class to inform us? Why?


well not sure what we can do without causing north korea to go ape shit. Only us citizens can protest and tell the government what they should do for the better. The thing is even if the government were to listen to us and if they tried to do something about it, in most cases it would have to be a peaceful negotiation or else WW III may erupt and yea. It’s possible to do what we did in the past wars where the CIA would hire agents to assassinate. and implement a new political leader and make North Korea a better place.  I’m sure a good majority of people known North Korea is bad but don’t know how bad north korea is. If people were to put how bad North korea is on the NY Times or other popular newspaper companies, I’m pretty sure if Kim jong un found out about  America trash talking how about North Korea is it would piss him off and who knows what he would do.

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